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Best of the Care Transformation Center Blog: 2017 Edition

January 4, 2018

    Each week, our health care experts share their insights from the field to help you stay on top of the latest trends and exciting innovations. Check out 10 of our most popular Care Transformation Center blog posts from 2017 below—and don't forget to subscribe to our email alerts to stay up to date.

    How one hospital reduced avoidable ED visits—by telling patients 'I told you so'

    After one Spanish hospital implemented an innovative solution to direct more patients away from the ED and into primary care, its share of low-urgency ED presentations dropped from 54% to 17%. Learn two takeaways from the hospital's experience.

    The illnesses that never happen: A pathway to prevention

    The story of the remarkable progress made by an 11-year-old girl who visited the emergency department 74 times in a year can teach us a lot about the future of health care, write Akram Boutros, CEO of The MetroHealth System, and Robert Musslewhite, CEO of The Advisory Board Company. Read the post.

    6 things 340B and non-340B hospitals need to know about CMS's proposed $900M cut to drug reimbursement

    Regardless of whether CMS finalizes its proposal to cut reimbursement for 340B drugs, all hospitals should take steps to improve their infusion centers' financial performance. See our recommended action items.

    Are patient-centered medical homes living up to the hype?

    Ten years after major primary care physician groups coined the term "patient-centered medical home," we delve into how PCMHs are measuring up to the goals of reducing cost, improving quality, and rightsizing utilization. Read our take and get 2 PCMH best practices.

    Housing is a health care issue. Here's what providers should do about it.

    Few providers have programs to help secure housing for patients experiencing homelessness—but leading provider organizations are partnering with community-based groups that are already doing great work in this area. Learn more.

    4 things to consider when designing a patient education program

    Patient education programs are a critical step for empowering patients to take an active role in their health and wellness. As you build your program, make sure you can answer these four key questions.

    Why advertising ED wait times shouldn't be an EMTALA violation

    Health law expert Douglass Swill explains why it isn't an EMTALA violation to advertise ED wait times—if providers do it appropriately. Read the post.

    5 key considerations for measuring the ROI of your care management interventions

    Since the impact of care management efforts is often articulated in terms of cost savings, members are often asking just how to determine those cost savings. Learn five things to do when determining your own ROI framework.

    CCM codes: Are you leaving money on the table?

    About 99% of all Medicare dollars are spent on patients with chronic conditions. Until CMS introduced Chronic Care Management (CCM) codes in 2015, much of the work providers put into helping patients manage these conditions went uncompensated. Here are some of the top insights we've gleaned about the program and how to capitalize on the opportunity.

    Coordination isn't just for patients: How one system is 'coordinating the coordinators'

    As providers expand care management services across patient populations, managing the various stakeholders involved in coordinating care is becoming more challenging. Read on to learn how a system in the Midwest uses three distinct strategies to manage disparate stakeholders involved in a patient's care plan.

    How to advance health equity

    Join us for a webconference on Feb. 1 to learn how to surface disparities in outcomes and care delivery..

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