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How NewYork-Presbyterian's niche women's center differentiates itself—and saves lives

September 6, 2017

    While infant mortality in the United States has continued to decline, maternal mortality (pregnancy or childbirth-related death) has increased significantly in recent years, reaching the highest level among developed countries. And despite a large focus to improve infant mortality, little has been done to improve safety for mothers.

    The Mothers Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center may model a solution for providers looking to make progress on maternal health. The center offers multidisciplinary care for high-risk pregnancies, similar in concept to the fetal care centers for high-risk infants that have helped to drastically reduce the infant mortality rate.

    In addition to increasing access to specialized services for high-risk pregnant women, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia's model highlights three strategies our research has identified as critical for women's programs to remain competitive:


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