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Why clinical decision support is the CMO's most important (but underleveraged) tool

August 10, 2017

    In the Physician Executive Council's 2016 survey of chief medical officers, it's no surprise that quality improvement, medical staff affairs and burnout, and care variation reduction topped the list of the CMO's most time-consuming and strategically important responsibilities. Clinical leaders have made notable improvements in these areas, but one tool—clinical decision support (CDS)—remains a grossly underutilized lever to advance the CMO agenda.

    CMOs generally steer clear of health IT and informatics, often leaving these responsibilities to the CMIO. But the case for greater CMO involvement in CDS is compelling: The relative effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of CDS can make or break our efforts to influence quality, physician burnout, and care variation reduction—the CMO's three most time-consuming and strategically important responsibilities.

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