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The results are in: Here's what we're researching for 2018

August 3, 2017

    Every year, we survey cancer program leaders across the country to identify their top challenges and priorities. This input directly informs our research agenda for the year.

    The latest results are in from about 250 of your peers. Read on for our insights and to learn how your program's work can be featured in our upcoming research.

    Results from our 2017 survey

    Nearly 250 people responded to our survey, including 113 administrators and medical directors. Seventy-six academic programs, 45 teaching hospitals, and 102 community programs participated in the survey.

    Here's what respondents told us they were most interested in learning more about, on a "GPA" scale of one to four.

    Measuring service line performance a common challenge

    By far, the most popular topic in our survey was oncology dashboards. Respondents are interested in having an actionable dashboard, streamlining data collection, and using data to inform performance improvement.

    Measuring service line performance emerged as a persistent challenge for cancer programs across the country.

    Do you have an oncology-specific dashboard? Please email Deirdre Saulet at if you're willing to share it and participate in our research.

    Oncology referral strategy and cancer patient consumerism also rank high

    Oncology referral strategy also garnered a lot of interest. Respondents were specifically interested in new strategies to improve care coordination with referring physicians and best practices for analyzing local referral patterns and outmigration.

    In addition, we saw increased interest in cancer patient consumerism—mainly around how to identify patient priorities and market cancer program services directly to patients.

    How do these results impact our research agenda for 2018?

    Due to considerable interest in both oncology dashboards and oncology referral strategy, our team will be researching these topics this fall.

    If you would like to participate in a research call to discuss your current priorities and challenges, please email Deirdre at

    Register for the national meeting

    Join us the for the 2017 Oncology Roundtable national meeting

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    We will also give a presentation on the State of the Union at our 2018 National Meeting. This presentation typically provides updates on new programs, innovations, and policy changes impacting health care.

    Finally, we plan to cover infusion center business strategy, including the impact of targeted therapies, oral chemo, and home infusion on infusion center volumes and revenue. We'll also talk about how you need to adapt your strategy given changing regulations, such as the proposed changes to 340B and private payers' site of care policies.

    We’re also partnering with The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) on the Trending Now in Cancer Care Survey. We’ll be sharing the results of that survey in the coming months. You can also sign up for the ACCC's 34th National Oncology Conference, from October 18 – 20 in Nashville, where you can learn key strategies and practical takeaways that will help transform how your cancer program delivers care. Presenters will share innovative approaches to help you and your team control costs, meet quality measures, implement new standards, and optimize patient outcomes. Register by Monday, August 21 to take advantage of early-bird rates and receive up to $125 off registration!


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