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Quick poll: How consolidated is your revenue cycle?

August 30, 2017

    In the face of continued margin pressure, providers are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of the revenue cycle and constrain its associated costs.

    One tried-and-true strategy for improving revenue cycle efficiency is to centralize and consolidate revenue cycle functions. But since most large systems have already centralized at least some revenue cycle functions from the front to the back office, it is not clear how much financial opportunity remains in further consolidation.

    Responding to our members concerns, we are launching a major research study on the costs and benefits of revenue cycle consolidation, which we'll be presenting at the November Revenue Cycle Summit (click here for more information). To gain insight into the overall state of the market with respect to revenue cycle consolidation, we'd appreciate your responding to the two survey questions below:

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    Our latest infographic highlights our three-pillared, best practice approach to improve overall revenue cycle performance by enhancing performance visibility, elevating operational efficiencies, and ensuring across the board accountability.

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