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The illnesses that never happen: A pathway to prevention

June 15, 2017

    In health care policy circles we often focus too much on Washington and not enough on the promising innovations already happening on the ground, in our communities.

    Many locally-driven innovations are quietly transforming the lives of patients by better integrating care and even preventing sickness in communities across the country.

    In Greater Cleveland alone, we have ample stories to tell.

    An 11-year-old girl with asthma visited the emergency room 74 times in a single year. Now, her attacks have all but ended.

    A young boy lived in a home with lead and the risk of nerve damage, kidney problems, and permanently reduced IQ. Today, he's healthy, thriving at school, and living without that threat.

    A senior citizen who had struggled to control her diabetes and hypertension risked even greater health problems. Now, she’s making steady progress through a healthier diet.

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