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The 7 health IT presentations you won't want to miss in 2017

June 7, 2017

    Our annual Health Care IT Advisor National Meeting series will kick off this September in Marina del Rey, California, where we'll gather health IT leaders from across the country to review our latest research and network with peers.

    This year, our series—which will also be coming to Chicago and Washington, D.C.—will focus on "no regrets" priorities that organizations should focus on amid uncertainty in health care.

    Here's a snapshot of what's on deck for each session:

    State of the Health Care and IT Union: Health System and IT Strategy in the Post-ACA Era

    This session will:

    • Highlight the key impacts of health care trends on Medicaid, Medicare, and employer-sponsored insurance;
    • Analyze stakeholder responses to rising health care costs; and
    • Identify key developments and changes in technology to meet escalating demand for affordability, accessibility, and reliability of care.

    Interoperability: Can You Hear Me Now? Bringing Health Care into the 21st Century

    This session will:

    • Explain why interoperability is a strategic investment right now;
    • Identify the range of available integration approaches and discuss their strengths and weaknesses; and
    • Explore new skills and processes necessary to reap the benefits of next generation integration technologies.

    Clinical Decision Support: Light at the End of the Tunnel

    This session will:

    • Review sources of CDS performance failure and ways of minimizing their effects;
    • Identify the impact of new interoperability standards on CDS evolution; and
    • Explore new forms of CDS including extra-EMR methods, analytics-driven CDS, and the potential value—and challenges—of employing genomics/pharmacogenomics-based CDS.

    Quality Reporting Office Hours: A Workshop with Our Experts

    This session will:

    • Address the most-pressing quality reporting frequently asked questions and action items;
    • Explain how the Quality Reporting Roundtable helps members with these challenges;  and
    • Offer an open forum for you to interact with QRR experts.

    Turning Attention to Ambulatory IT: The Intersection of IT and Clinical Best Practices

    This session will:

    • Review trends in the ambulatory market and the technology used to fuel ambulatory expansion;
    • Identify missed business opportunities that stem from common health IT challenges and their associated clinical challenges; and
    • Describe "on-the-ground" best practices for addressing these challenges.

    Digital Health Systems: An Ongoing Journey to an Ever-Changing Destination

    This session will:

    • Provide context and background on digital health systems;
    • Highlight examples and possible uses of exponential or potentially disruptive technologies; and
    • Explore a Digital Maturity Model to help assess and plan for digital health systems.

    Security and the C-Suite: Leadership's Role in Building a Cyber-Resilient Organization

    This session will:

    • Examine how executive leadership can help prepare for health care's key security vulnerabilities;
    • Analyze critical areas of the cybersecurity ecosystem in which executive leadership can impact organizational resilience; and
    • Introduce a cybersecurity maturity model to gauge and track progress toward a higher maturity security posture.

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