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4 key insights from your 669 telehealth questions

March 7, 2017

    In 2015, we analyzed our members' telehealth questions and identified four key trends. This year, we've refreshed our analysis to understand what the 669 telehealth-related questions submitted by members over the past two years reveal about the recent changes in the industry.

    1. Telehealth programs are still in the early stages of development and partnership

    Over the past year, we received an 18% uptick in telehealth-related questions relative to 2015—and interestingly, some of that growth can be attributed to payers and other health care players. What these questions had in common is that the majority came from individuals purely interested in learning more about telehealth. This could indicate that many are still in the beginning stages of program development.

    2. Telehealth initiatives are overseen at the system level, often by strategic planners

    Despite increasing interest among payers and other players, planners continue to make up the majority of our telehealth-related questions, submitting 77% of inquiries in 2016. Because telehealth programs have the potential to impact providers at the system level, with specific application across service lines, they are likely best suited for centralized oversight.


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