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The top 10 health care IT challenges of 2017

January 19, 2017

    Every year we survey our members to identify their most critical IT- and technology-related challenges. The results form the basis of our annual Top 10 list, which we use to guide our research agenda for the year.

    This year, close to 175 of our members provided their feedback. Keep reading to get a preview of the issues we'll tackle in 2017, and don't miss our upcoming webconference when we'll explore priorities and next steps in each of these areas at greater length.

    Health care IT top 10 challenges for 2017

    • Quality reporting/regulatory requirements
      Our research will focus on successful practices of organizations that exhibit high levels of quality reporting maturity via multiple programs, such as meaningful use and the Quality Payment Program.

    • EHR optimization and value realization
      Our research will focus on how to optimize an EMR for specific outcomes such as improved clinical outcomes for common conditions, prevention and amelioration of sepsis and other infections, prevention of adverse drug events, reduction in use and costs of lab tests and pharmaceuticals, and more.

    • Interoperability and extended enterprise integration
      Our research will focus on nascent interoperability standards with a focus on case studies and concrete progress towards seamless data exchange.

    • Population health management
      Our research will focus on evolving methods and technologies supporting reductions in care variation, management of bundled payments, engagement of patients as consumers, and the influence of new interoperability developments on analytics for population health management.

    • Consumerism
      Our research will focus on how to select, design, build, and implement solutions such as integrated search, price estimation and scheduling solutions, cost accounting systems, real-time patient feedback systems, and other systems and capabilities designed to improve the consumer experience and increase customer loyalty.

    • Telemedicine
      Our research will focus on how to incorporate structures to reduce care variation across the continuum into telemedicine use models.

    • Business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics
      Our research will update our guidance on BI best practices, with particular attention to the growing capabilities of application-tethered analytics, novel data warehouse architectures, and the growing application of advanced analytical techniques.

    • Information security
      Our research will provide the latest insights and tools to advance your cybersecurity activities to more advanced stages of maturity. We will provide reports and presentations to help you engage leaders and provide assistance with audits, staffing, metrics, disaster recovery and business continuity, and the latest technologies and services.

    • IT performance and risk management
      Our research will help advance your IT performance with tools, surveys, and insights into such opportunities as strategy, governance, staffing, process improvement, cloud technology, and intelligent computing.

    • Digital health systems
    • Our research will include analyzing the potential impacts on organizational strategies and governance, addressing specific issues or opportunities such as for precision medicine and with blockchain, and highlighting successful uses of exponential technologies.

    Want a deeper dive into these issues? Join us Jan. 24.

    Despite major unknowns about health care transformation under a new administration, there are several no-regrets priorities providers can focus on in the new year. Join our webconference to learn what action steps you should take now to address the top 10 health care IT issues in 2017.

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