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Want to modernize the medical staff? Revamp your MEC bylaws.

January 13, 2017

    Health systems are seeking to become more integrated across all business functions, from care delivery, to operations, to service line rationalization. Amid this shift to "systemness," medical staff bylaws are too often an untapped opportunity. Traditionally, each hospital has its own Medical Executive Committee (MEC) with unique bylaws for everything from membership requirements to privileging and credentialing. But this level of variability is not ideal—it's difficult to consistently manage physicians across sites, and it's frustrating for physicians who practice at multiple hospitals to be held to different performance standards.

    For most, standardizing bylaws is the right move

    We know organizations are seeking to address this variability—over the past year, we've received a lot of questions about how to unify the medical staff, a model whereby an organization creates a single MEC and set of bylaws to govern all physicians across the system. But although this model is appealing as a way to improve system integration, our research concluded that driving to full unification isn't the right answer for most systems. Few can overcome the significant cultural and logistical challenges of adopting this model.

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