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Infusion center insights: What's its role in the 'cancer center building boom'?

April 28, 2016

    Due to increasing patient volumes and competition, it’s more important than ever to provide timely and convenient access to care. To increase their capacity, many programs are renovating their infusion centers or even extending their service footprint into new settings. To better understand just how big the “cancer center building boom” is, we surveyed our members. Keep reading to see what we found.

    Teaching and community hospital infusion centers tend to be newer

    Teaching hospitals and community hospitals were almost twice as likely as AMCs to have built a new infusion center within the past three years.


    Additionally, almost one-fourth of participating cancer centers report renovating their infusion center in the past three years.


    Be a smart builder

    If you are planning to build or renovate, you should keep the following tips in mind to get the greatest return on your investment:

    • Build in infrastructure that allows easy conversion to meet future need, e.g., office spaces that allow for easy conversion to exam rooms
    • Include multipurpose spaces for patient and support services activities, such as support groups or cooking classes
    • Use design elements that create a more serene patient experience, such as pictures of nature, natural textures, and windows that allow natural light
    • Make sure to include multiple wayfinding tools such as maps, written instructions, mobile phone apps, and color-coding to help patients navigate the center

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