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Experts agree: The retail revolution isn't coming—it has arrived

February 19, 2015

    Juliette Mullin, Senior Editor

    When Mary Langowski was hired to lead CVS Health's strategy, policy, and market development, her mother—a fan of Walgreens—said she was worried. Did this mean that Langowski's mom would now need to make the extra turn and drive the slightly longer distance to choose CVS over Walgreens?

    It's just an anecdote, but one that captures the rapid transformation of a health care landscape, in which CVS, Walgreens, and other retailers are playing a bigger role than ever—and providers are increasingly competing on patient-driven metrics, like convenience, costs, and patient experiences. Suddenly, doctors have to worry about questions like: "How many blocks are you from my house, and can I pop by at 7 p.m. on Wednesday?"

    Or, as Advisory Board CEO Robert Musslewhite put it in his opening statement at Wednesday's Future of Health Care Summit: "For years, we've talked about patient-centered care. Now we're entering a new era of patient-directed care."

    On Wednesday, hundreds of thought leaders in health care—including Fortune 100 company leaders, private exchange operators, government officials, hospital innovators, and more—gathered in Washington, D.C., to ponder the industry's latest changes.

    And one takeaway was immediately clear: The retail revolution isn't coming—it has arrived. And it has some important implications for providers.  

    Over the next week, the Daily Briefing will share takeaways from the Future of Health Care Summit, including exclusive interviews with attendees, a roundup of panel discussions, and more.

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