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The affair isn't over: Wonks still love their 'health policy valentines'

February 13, 2014

    Dan Diamond, Managing Editor

    Love is fickle. Tweets are fleeting.

    But once a year, wonks are reminded why they fell for #HealthPolicyValentines in the first place.

    The idea was conceived in 2012 by Emma Sandoe, a much-adored CMS spokesperson who dashed off the Twitter hashtag on a late bus ride home. (See: Will you be my health policy valentine?) And a whirlwind social media romance quickly bloomed—as witty doctors, researchers, and journalists typed out heartfelt missives, 140 characters at a time—prompting outlets like NPR to confess their admiration.

    Sweet tweets
    Readers submit their #HospitalValentines

    With Valentine's Day looming, wonks are back for another fling with HPV. Love for the hashtag has brought out unexpected suitors: "My dearest ICD-10 coder," the American Medical Association ruefully tweeted on Thursday, "Cupid has pierced my heart with his arrow (code W45.8XXA)."

    And whether affection or affectation, the idea continues to spread across the Internet. Several professors say they've fallen for #AcademicValentines, and the White House just debuted its own "ACA Valentines." (Although with the bloom off the rose for some, perhaps it's not surprising that "health policy breakups" made an appearance this year, too.)

    Which health policy valentine are you partial to? I asked Sandoe to pick her latest favorite, and a few other wonk humorists shared which valentines touched their hearts—and funny bones.

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