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Four interesting patient trends of 2013

December 9, 2013

    Hanna Jaquith, Daily Briefing

    Looking to snag a last-minute appointment? Your best bet is on Tuesday, when doctors' offices tend to have the most available openings, according to ZocDoc, the country's largest real-time database of patient behaviors and trends.

    More than 4 million patients use ZocDoc's online physician appointment booking website each month, and tracking their behaviors provide a wealth of data and insights about patient—and physician—behaviors.

    Here are some of the most interesting trends of the year:

    1. Stuck with long waits when you got to the doctor?  If you live in Fort Myers, Fla., your wait time is longer than anywhere else in the country, according to the ZocDoc data. (Do yourself a favor and move to Seattle—home of the nation's shortest wait times.)
    2. The most sought after time slot? Overall, it's Tuesday at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.  But interestingly, men and women have very different habits here: the most popular appointment day for men is Friday, while women's most popular day is Monday.
    3. For a speedy visit, maybe you should wait until… Friday, the least popular appointment day.
    4. The most proactive cities for preventive appointments. The residents of Austin, Texas, lead the rankings in the number of annual patient visits.

    ZocDoc's 2013 US Health Checkup – An infographic by the team at ZocDoc


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