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Interviews with the 'Influential'

August 26, 2013

    Modern Healthcare's latest list of the industry's "Most Influential" people includes dozens of familiar names to Daily Briefing readers, from policymakers in the White House like HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to well-known clinicians like Scripps Health's Eric Topol.

    Several of this year's "Most Influential" honorees recently sat down for interviews with the Daily Briefing. Hear directly from these prominent thinkers and leaders.

    No. 30: Kevin Lofton

    Kevin Lofton, the CEO of Catholic Health Initiatives, offers his perspective on how being an ED administrator helped prepare him for life as a hospital leader, what he's learned since his days as a 'baby CEO,' and his vision for the future of CHI.

      Key excerpt: About 95% of my job is to be forward-thinking, looking out to see where CHI can go. [And] we're focusing more on the continuum of care, especially because of health care reform and changes in care delivery. As part of that, improving management of population health—keeping people healthy in our communities—and looking for growth outside of the hospital.

    Read our interview with Kevin.

    No. 34: Lloyd Dean

    Lloyd Dean, the CEO of Dignity Health, discusses his unusual path from running a classroom to leading a boardroom, and what it's like to steer a health system as it's tranforming its brand.

      Key excerpt: I want us to have a brand that's definable—that has people think about access and quality—and with affiliations and relationships so that once you enter our network, you never have to leave the Dignity Health brand to get anything you need. Wherever you go in this country, you have Dignity with you. That doesn't mean you have to get all your services through Dignity Health. But through our technology and our relationship, it's like Coke—we're everywhere.

    Read our interview with Lloyd.

    No. 57: Jim Skogsbergh

    Jim Skogsbergh, the CEO of Advocate Health Care, reviews his plan to take Advocate from "good to great," noting the key role played by the system's physicians.

      Key excerpt: Our Clinical Integration model is our secret sauce. We try to incent things that we should be incenting. A focus on fewer falls, for example, or ways to improve access. Having providers spend a few more minutes talking about smoking cessation, diabetes. We're able to create the incentives that we believe will make the biggest impact on our patients' health outcomes.

    Read our interview with Jim.

    No. 61: Anthony Tersigni

    Anthony Tersigni, the CEO of Ascension Health Alliance, shares his thoughts on where the health care industry is headed, how his health system approaches potential partners, and one of his biggest fears when running a $21 billion enterprise.

      Key excerpt: Here's the destination point for us: We need to have the capability of taking care of 30 million lives, from birth through death. That’s the bottom line—that’s where our growth is focused ... I hope in the future, [Ascension Health Alliance will stand out] as an organization that focused on taking care of people—and took necessary risk along the way—to ensure that these 30 million people navigate through life and stay as healthy as possible.

    Read our interview with Anthony.

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