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What your coffee habits say about you

May 20, 2013

    Juliette Mullin, Daily Briefing

    Coffee rituals—from the morning wake-up to the afternoon pick-me-up—have become an integral part of workplace culture, and each person's coffee rituals reveal a lot about his or her personality, the New York TimesPhyllis Korkki writes.

    Korkki notes that reporters at the Times office have varied coffee rituals. While some indulge in the free coffee cart that comes through around 4:30 p.m., others prefer to use the coffee machine in the office pantry. One group of reporters has acquired a coffee maker, and together they brew a specific coffee from Massachusetts.

    Korkki writes that the way you consume your daily caffeine can shed light on your finances or your attitude toward money. Forgoing the coffee shop to make your own beverage can save hundreds of dollars per year.

    However, some people crave coffee-shop interactions, whether it is with a friendly barista or a co-worker sharing your coffee break. Korkki notes it can make the day a little less lonely and that interactions between workers has been shown to improve collaboration. In fact, well-designed beverage areas in the office have been shown to boost productivity.

    However, Korkki reminds us that caffeine remains a drug, despite its widespread use and acceptance. Stephen Braun—author of "Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine"—takes "caffeine vacations" to reduce his dependence on java and curb the withdrawal symptoms that come on days he goes without his cup of Joe.

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