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Evolve your Covid-19 response

Whether you are looking to manage and prevent the spread of Covid-19, adapt your service line strategy, or understand how Covid-19 will transform the future of health care, we’ve got you covered. Get our latest resources.

Decision 2020: what’s at stake

Regardless of who is elected, the outcomes of the 2020 elections will shape the future of health care. Visit our election page to stay up to date on the latest developments and what they could mean for your organization.

Advance health equity in your community

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is increasingly a priority for organizations. We’ve collected resources to help you craft a holistic approach that covers your workforce, patients, and community. Access them now.

Make sense of what’s happening in health care

On our new podcast for health care leaders, Radio Advisory, host Rachel Woods talks with industry experts to break down tough issues like health inequity, leading through crisis and the future of telehealth in quick 30 minute episodes. Check it out.

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Explore some of our most popular infographics

Health care leaders across the health care ecosystem use our infographics to help their people understand and respond to market developments. Check out what’s been popular.
Trends reshaping care delivery

Emerging trends like artificial intelligence and precision medicine may improve the quality and efficiency of care, but they may also have unintended consequences. We’ve explored four trends, what could change, what could go wrong, and how to prepare your organization. Read more now.

Be a less stressed leader

Stress is endemic in health care today, but leaders have more control over workplace stress than they think. The most effective leaders proactively keep their stress in check and model healthy habits. Find out what you can do to stress less and become a role model for others.

Improve your webside manner

The volume of telehealth visits is skyrocketing. Virtual visits may be convenient, but they are a different-in-kind experience for both clinicians and patients. We’ve got tips to help you keep the patient at the center of the visit, even from afar. Print and post it now.