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ICD-10 Delay: What's Next?

Four action items for adjusting to the new timeline

On March 31, the U.S. Senate passed legislation postponing the mandated conversion to ICD-10 for one year, setting the new compliance date for Oct. 1, 2015. The delay is part of a larger bill that centers on a 12 month temporary patch to the sustainable growth rate, preventing a 24% cut to Medicare physician reimbursement.

We strongly recommend that organizations continue their ICD-10 preparation efforts. While the delay is an inconvenience to those well underway with preparation and education initiatives, all providers can take advantage of the extended timeline to further shore up cash reserves and ensure perfect execution against the new deadline. For those organizations behind the ICD-10 adoption curve, this delay will provide the necessary time to catch up.

Here are four immediate next steps you can use to adjust your ICD-10 team to the new timeline.

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