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In the final weeks, health care became key issue in Scotland's referendum

September 19, 2014

Juliette Mullin, Senior Editor

The people of both England and Scotland are very proud of their health systems. This pride was put on great display during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, when nurses took the global stage to celebrate the National Health Service (NHS).

So, as the Guardian notes, it was a bit surprising that the NHS had little role in much of the campaign for Scotland's independence. That is, until the last few weeks of the campaign, when it emerged as one of the top issues for voters and most heated arguments for both sides of the debate over whether Scotland should remain in its 307-year union with England. 

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Failure to launch: Apple pulls HealthKit

September 18, 2014

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

The health care industry has eagerly awaited the arrival of Apple's HealthKit, a new software platform intended to be the nexus of health data for millions of Apple users.

The industry is still waiting.

Apple on Wednesday pulled HealthKit from its iOS 8 software release, in a last-minute decision that the company chalked up to a back-end bug.

“We’re working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKit apps available by the end of the month," according to an Apple spokesperson.

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Meet two hospitals partnering with Apple

September 16, 2014

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

Apple's new health apps are just hours away. And we're finally getting clarity on how hospitals plan to use them.

While Apple's iPhone 6 doesn't officially go on sale until Friday, the company's new operating system—iOS 8—will be released on Wednesday. That release will include Apple's new HealthKit platform, which is the company's flagship health software that's open to external programmers.

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Virginia Mason is offering warranties on joint replacements. Here's what it means.

September 10, 2014

The top story in today's Daily Briefing details Virginia Mason Medical Center's new warranty program for all preventable complications resulting from total hip and knee replacements.

We discussed the program and its implications with our Service Line Strategy Advisor experts. Here's what they had to say.

Shruti Tiwari and Cynthia Tassopoulos, Service Line Strategy Advisor

Virginia Mason Medical Center’s new warranty program for total hip and knee replacement patients represents a novel move within the orthopedic field that has not been explored by many other providers. It is also one that may set an example for other providers as cost and quality pressures within orthopedics and health care at large continue to rise.

By covering the costs of avoidable surgery-related complications, warranty programs incent providers to deliver high quality care and, consequently, control and manage costs. 

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Will Apple Watch revolutionize health care? Three reasons to be cautious.

September 9, 2014

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

Apple's heavily anticipated Apple Watch debuted on Tuesday, as part of the company's broader iPhone launch event. And some are expecting the new wearable device to emerge as Apple's latest must-have accessory, with as many as 60 million sales next year.

Apple's counting on the Watch to be a lynchpin in the company's effort to move into the health care market. When the device goes on sale in 2015, it will include a range of sensors and reportedly sync with a patient's health records. That's gotten some industry observers crowing about Apple's potential to shake up the health industry.

Given Apple's track record, the Watch may indeed succeed at bringing wearable devices mainstream. But don't plan on the Apple Watch to change health care—at first.

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When the #ALSIceBucketChallenge fails

September 3, 2014

Clare Rizer, Daily Briefing

When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started popping up all over social media this summer, we wondered how it stacked up to other cold-water challenges. Namely, did it pose the same types of health risks as polar plunges?

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Women make up 80% of health care workers—but just 40% of executives

August 26, 2014

Dan Diamond, Managing Editor

The health care industry is powered by women.

More than 76% of hospital employees—women.

More than 77% of people who work in doctors' offices—women.

More than 88% of home health workers—women.

But the industry's key decision-makers … are typically men.

“It’s an issue,” acknowledges Jennifer Stewart, an Advisory Board managing director who oversees the HR Advancement Center and Nursing Executive Center’s research. 

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Our interviews with the industry's 'Most Influential'

August 25, 2014

Modern Healthcare's most recent list of the "100 Most Influential People in Health Care" features some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry. It includes dozens of hospital leaders and leaders at Advisory Board organizations.

Modern Healthcare congratulates members on the 'Most Influential' list

We've interviewed several of this year's honorees in our "Lessons from the C-suite" interview series. Hear directly from these prominent leaders.

No. 9: Anthony Tersigni, CEO of Ascension Health Alliance

Anthony Tersigni, the CEO of Ascension Health Alliance, shares his thoughts on where the health care industry is headed, how his health system approaches potential partners, and one of his biggest fears when running a $21 billion enterprise.

Key except

Q: Where's Ascension headed?

Tersigni: Here's the destination point for us: We need to have the capability of taking care of 30 million lives, from birth through death.

That’s the bottom line—that’s where our growth is focused.

And that's different from historically, when you'd capture a snapshot of an organization like ours by comparing hospital beds or annual revenue.

Read our interview with Anthony.

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