Template: The Customizable Waiting Room Care Card


Revenue Cycle Compass

Your Challenge Areas

Accelerating cash collections

See how we can help you cap accounts receivable balances through performance visibility and focus on collecting aged and high-dollar receivables.

Curbing late and lost charges

Learn how we can help you proactively identify charge anomalies and reconcile billed charges daily to reduce lost revenue and the rework associated with late charges.

Resolving underpayments

Explore how we improve visibility into payer payment trends and delays, allowing more focused follow-up, interim communication with payer executives, and informed contract negotiations.

Reducing bad debt write-offs

See how we can help you reduce your self-pay receivables by improving visibility into point-of-service cash collections while monitoring back-end write-off activity against performance goals.

Improving denials management

Find out how we help you create a more effective appeals and recovery approach by aggregating denials data into a single—and fully analyzable—source, enabling timely and accurate triaging and action steps.

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