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ICD-10 Compass

Manage the transition and minimize your risk

The transition to ICD-10 won’t just mean more codes. It will bring logistical headaches—and a serious threat to your financial performance.

We’re helping hospitals and health systems undertake the highly coordinated, multidisciplinary overhaul needed to avoid revenue loss. See how ICD-10 Compass can help you identify and address your biggest ICD-10 risks, streamline physician training, and secure your bottom line.

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What the ICD-10 delay means for your organization

Want to know how best to use the time between now and October 2015? Join Ed Hock for a complimentary webconference on April 29 to find out.

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Have you completed these 10 steps to ICD-10 readiness?

Every day you put off preparing your physicians and coders means money left on the table. Our workbook shows you where you should be.


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Physician Documentation Initiative

Learn how the Advisory Board's Physician Documentation Initiative can help you start productive conversations with your physicians.