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'Patient access' means something different to everyone—but they all agree it's essential

September 02, 2014  |  Blog Post  |  Marketing and Planning Leadership Council

In our corner of the industry, "patient access" is a contender for Health Care Buzzword of the Year. But, like so many jargon phrases, it seems to mean something different to everyone.

Clarifying VPMA and CMO roles

August 27, 2014  |  Blog Post  |  Physician Executive Council

Read our expert perspective from Amanda Berra and Dr. Bill Lynagh on the differences between VMPA and CMO roles and how you should be filling open positions, crafting job descriptions, and more.

The new CMMI Oncology Care Model: Key takeaways and questions

August 29, 2014  |  Blog Post  |  Oncology Roundtable

The CMS Oncology Care Model aims to deliver improved health outcomes at a lower cost. Read up on how they intend to do so.

Get to know Health Policy Vitals

August 07, 2014  |  Blog Post

Our new forum helps you better understand how state and federal policy changes play out in the market.

The impact your pharmacists could have on population health

August 29, 2014  |  Blog Post  |  Care Transformation Center

Almost every patient at Froedtert Hospital meets with a pharmacist when they're admitted and when they're discharged—often with their prescriptions already filled. Get an inside look at how the organization reinvented its pharmacy department.

Report: Amazon may be planning to enter health care market

August 22, 2014  |  Blog Post

Back in December, Apple executives trooped to the FDA, privately pitching federal regulators on their goal of launching new health apps, devices, and software. Half a year later, the company publicly announced its plan to move into the health care market. Is Amazon starting to follow the same playbook?

Women make up 80% of health care workers—but just 40% of executives

August 26, 2014  |  Blog Post

The industry's key decision-makers overwhelmingly remain men. Why that's a problem—and how to address it.

New evidence: The 'joint replacement center' bar is going up

July 30, 2014  |  Expert Insight  |  Crimson Continuum of Care

Our data team found that length of stay is dropping significantly for hip and knee replacement procedures. See what's contributing to the decline and how your program can improve LOS.

Our interviews with the industry's 'Most Influential'

August 25, 2014  |  Blog Post

Modern Healthcare's most recent list of the "100 Most Influential People in Health Care" features some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry. It includes dozens of hospital leaders and leaders at Advisory Board organizations.

Beyond the clinics: What the retail movement really means

July 29, 2014  |  Primer  |  Health Care Advisory Board

If you think retail medicine means storefront clinics, you're missing the real transformation. Patients are increasingly shopping for insurance—and care—as they enroll in exchange plans with higher deductibles. Here are five major market changes to note.
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