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What is top-of-license nursing practice?

June 27, 2014  |  Primer  |  Nursing Executive Center

Katherine Virkstis explains how we define top-of-license practice and why it's especially important today.

The Accountable Care Unit

July 24, 2014  |  On-Demand Webconference  |  Physician Executive Council

Learn about “The Accountable Care Unit,” a new model to promote collaborative care in the hospital environment.

Workforce Compass Intensive

July 31, 2014  |  Webconference  |  Workforce Compass

This is a preview of restricted content. Full access to this content is reserved for Workforce Compass members. Log in now or learn more about Workforce Compass. With the...

Why staffing is about more than the number of nurses per unit

July 01, 2014  |  Video  |  Nursing Executive Center

Critical care nurses often aren't satisfied with staffing. Learn how RN-to-support-staff ratios impact effective—and safe—patient care.

Reduce Avoidable Readmissions with an SNF Transfer Expert

July 16, 2014  |  On-Demand Webconference  |  Nursing Executive Center

Learn how Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Hospital and Prestige Care Inc., a 30+ facility skilled nursing facility organization, reduced readmissions with a skilled nursing facility (SNF) Transfer Expert.

The data you need to make informed staffing decisions

April 29, 2014  |  Video  |  Nursing Executive Center

Learn how our 360-Degree Nurse Staffing Benchmarks database helps nurse leaders understand the staffing decisions their peers are making and assess how their organization stacks up.

Three paths to a high-value care team

April 01, 2014  |  Infographic  |  Nursing Executive Center

What's making your care team inefficient? Explore three common care team struggles and view steps to redefine the way you deploy your staff.

Building a More Flexible Nursing Workforce

On-Demand Webconference  |  Workforce Compass

Workforce Compass Having trouble viewing this video? Watch it in an external player . About the Presentation The average organization loses $2.3 million annually because...

5 nurse engagement strategies for today's health care environment

June 25, 2014  |  Video  |  Nursing Executive Center

Get five strategies to improve nurse engagement that are custom-fitted to today's challenging times.

Workforce Compass Super User Fellowship 2.0

June 17, 2014  |  On-Demand Webconference  |  Workforce Compass

The second half of our 2014 Workforce Compass Super User Fellowship will focus on advanced training with our report builder, custom metrics, and alerts.
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