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Tools and Analytics within Medicare Breakeven

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Hospital-Acquired Conditions Impact Assessment

February 19, 2014  |  Calculator/Forecaster  |  Physician Executive Council

Use this tool to get an estimate of the financial impact for your organization under CMS’s hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) program.

Palliative Care Cost Savings Calculator

February 04, 2014  |  Tools and Benchmarking  |  Physician Executive Council

Use this tool to estimate the costs and savings related to starting or expanding an inpatient palliative care consult service within your organization.

Medicare Financial Benchmark Generator

August 23, 2012  |  Benchmarks  |  Cardiovascular Roundtable

Provides user-defined, peer-group benchmarks for key inpatient utilization and financial metrics.

Episodic Cost Profiler

December 19, 2013  |  Tools and Benchmarking  |  Health Care Advisory Board

Gain visibility into the distribution of costs within and beyond hospital walls by looking at average Medicare spending by condition and site of service.

Tell us about your cost strategy

February 24, 2014  |  Survey  |  Financial Leadership Council

Are you a chief financial officer or senior finance executive? Take five minutes to share your story with us. Your responses will help us chart our research and technology pursuits for the coming year.

Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessment

March 14, 2012  |  Decision Guide  |  Health Care Advisory Board

Access a facility-specific estimate of avoidable direct costs; useful for identifying focused opportunities for cost reduction.

Institutional Alignment Opportunity Workbook

July 14, 2009  |  Decision Guide  |  Marketing and Planning Leadership Council

Explore strategic planners with an initial evaluation of the potential benefits and disadvantages of formally aligning with other institutions.

Benefit Alternative Grading Exercise

December 09, 2009  |  Calculator/Forecaster  |  Financial Leadership Council

Assess plan alternatives according to criteria selected and weighted by the hospital for insitutions considering transitioning to a new retirement plan.

Credit Rating Strength Diagnostic

July 07, 2009  |  Calculator/Forecaster  |  Financial Leadership Council

Assesses your institution's credit rating strength in light of current financial performance.

ABO/PBO Funding Evaluation

December 09, 2009  |  Decision Guide  |  Financial Leadership Council

Indentify the risks associated with current pension funding strategy by projecting accumulated benefit obligations alongside projected benefit obligations under several different scenarios.
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