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Budgeting within Health Care Executive Board

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Managing to Budget

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July 18, 2003  |  Study  |  Financial Leadership Council

Managing to Budget expands upon the previously published strategy report, Disciplined Growth, which consists of 17 best practices for instilling a culture of financial accountability across the organization. Managing to Budget presents—in much more detail - a select number of practices outlined in that study, providing a step-by-step guide to upgrading current efforts in identifying, correcting, and minimizing budget variances.

Managing Labor Costs

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Study  |  Financial Leadership Council

Review best practices for stretching the health benefits dollar, elevating staff productivity, and taking advantage of a buyer's market for talent.

Supply Chain Discipline

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September 27, 2005  |  Study  |  Financial Leadership Council

10 best practices focused on improving purchasing accuracy, eliminating waste, and maximizing charge capture on high-cost items.

Capital Prioritization Toolkit

April 30, 2014  |  Decision Guide  |  Marketing and Planning Leadership Council

Prioritize capital requests to ensure that the most worthy projects are approved for investment by the capital review committee.

Invest in Adequate Staffing

Study Chapter  |  Financial Leadership Council

From Best-in-Class Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs.

Technology Financing Decision Tool

July 13, 2009  |  Decision Guide  |  Health Care Advisory Board

Evaluate a variety of different financing options for capital equipment.

Focused New Product Committees

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Committees to evaluate new procedural devices prior to hospital-wide introduction.

Next-Generation Gainsharing

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Program to engage physicians in supply cost reduction efforts by rewarding participation with percentage of resulting cost savings.

Provisional Product Approval

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Performance monitoring to ensure accuracy of review projections while minimizing risk of wholesale adoption.

Preference Card Challenge

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Structured debates to eliminate unused or overly expensive items by streamlining preference cards.
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