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Budgeting within Health Care Executive Board

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Technology Financing Decision Tool

July 13, 2009  |  Decision Guide  |  Health Care Advisory Board

Evaluate a variety of different financing options for capital equipment.

Capital Prioritization Toolkit

September 21, 2007  |  Decision Guide  |  Marketing and Planning Leadership Council

Prioritize capital requests to ensure that the most worthy projects are approved for investment by the capital review committee.

Capital Budgeting at the System Level

January 20, 2011  |  Blog Post  |  Imaging Performance Partnership

Capital budgeting is often done as a system and administrators do not have direct control over the amount of capital allocated for new technology purchases.

Invest in Adequate Staffing

Study Chapter  |  Financial Leadership Council

From Best-in-Class Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs.

Managing to Budget

July 18, 2003  |  Study  |  Financial Leadership Council

Managing to Budget expands upon the previously published strategy report, Disciplined Growth, which consists of 17 best practices for instilling a culture of financial accountability across the organization. Managing to Budget presents—in much more detail - a select number of practices outlined in that study, providing a step-by-step guide to upgrading current efforts in identifying, correcting, and minimizing budget variances.

Focused New Product Committees

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Committees to evaluate new procedural devices prior to hospital-wide introduction.

Preference Card Challenge

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Structured debates to eliminate unused or overly expensive items by streamlining preference cards.

Marketed Charge Reduction

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Charge reductions for patients used as an incentive for physicians to assist or lead supply cost reduction efforts.

Physician-Led Tactic Prioritization

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Management to prioritize procedures by potential for cost improvement and work with physicians to develop strategic plan for success.

Provisional Product Approval

Best Practice  |  Financial Leadership Council

Performance monitoring to ensure accuracy of review projections while minimizing risk of wholesale adoption.
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