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Nonsurgical Alternative to Tubal Ligation Gains Steam

Sales of Mountain View, California-based Conceptus' Essure--recently featured on The Today Show and promoted by Olympic athlete Picabo Street--have grown rapidly over the past three years, reaching an estimated $130 million in fiscal year 2009.  During the Essure procedure, a nonsurgical permanent birth-control product, physicians place coiled micro-inserts into the fallopian tubes; within three months, the body and micro-inserts create a barrier preventing sperm from reaching the egg. This procedure maintains a 99.8 percent efficacy rate and provides an attractive alternative to women hesitant to undergo tubal ligation--a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia.

According to an article published in Investor's Business Daily, Conceptus plans to target the nearly 7.5 million women in the US who have no plans to expand their families yet currently rely on temporary birth control methods as well as the 500,000 women undergoing tubal ligation annually. However, Conceptus will soon face competition from Bedford, Massachusetts-based Hologic, Inc., which recently received FDA approval for Adiana--a nonsurgical permanent birth control product similar to Essure.

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