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About Craig

Craig is a special director and faculty member with The Advisory Board Company’s Talent Development division. He has delivered over 400 workshops and research presentations at leading hospitals and health care organizations in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

In addition to teaching, he provides guidance to executive teams on curriculum planning, accountability for learning application, and leadership culture. Craig works with a diverse range of audiences—executive to frontline—to build leadership capacity and achieve measureable outcomes on critical performance objectives. He specializes in working with executive and physician audiences, using the Harvard case method and other experiential teaching techniques.

As special director, Craig is responsible for ensuring the highest standards of delivery for the Advisory Board’s Talent Development Faculty. His role includes coaching, field testing emerging leadership concepts, conducting specialized internal training, and speaking at Advisory Board national meetings such as "Transformational Leadership" and "Physicians at the Helm."

In addition to his work with the Advisory Board, Craig is a reviewer for the "Narrative Matters" section of Health Affairs, in which authors explore a health policy issue through the lens of a personal narrative/essay.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board in 2005, Craig was assistant director of undergraduate admissions at Washington University in St. Louis and a public speaking instructor for the University's Career Center.

Craig received his bachelor of arts, summa cum laude, from Washington University in St. Louis with majors in music, political science, and educational studies. He was twice awarded the Antoinette Dames prize for outstanding achievement.

Craig Pirner

Managing Director