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What's next for health reform

Tracking the election's impact on the industry

Topics: Health Care Reform, Market Trends, Strategy

November 05, 2012

There's a lot up for grabs in Tuesday's election: control of Congress, leadership of 11 states, and who will sit in the White House.

But health care's future is also at stake. How will the election shape the Affordable Care Act, affect Medicare reimbursement, and ultimately transform care delivery? 

Join the Frederick Isasi and Rob Lazerow on Nov. 9 or on Nov. 14 for a special Advisory Board discussion that reviews implications of the election for provider strategy. The presentation will explore the strategic, financial, and operational implications for hospitals and health systems—and discuss the ongoing political debate about the future of health care reform and provider reimbursement that will continue well beyond the election.

Interactive infographic

Should the ACA stand, the Advisory Board's American Health Line news service has prepared an interactive timeline of key ACA implementation rules, regulations, and other dates to watch.

When will new penalties for employers take effect? How will ACA regulations affect access to care? Learn more using this interactive timeline.

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What Your Peers Are Saying

Rating: | Andrea Byorick | November 06, 2012

This timeline is great; it would be even better if we could get this in a PDF to share with staff.

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