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What are Consulting and Management Services?

Seasoned, hands-on support and practice management services

We provide on-the-ground support for major turnaround and performance improvement initiatives, as well as best practice day-in-day-out expert management of key areas of the health system.

Maximize Physician Alignment

Our Southwind division helps hospitals and health systems achieve full medical staff integration through physician practice management and consulting services addressing physician employment, physician practice acquisition, clinical integration, and alternative models of physician alignment. 

We have developed three primary ways to assist health systems with physician practice management:

Expert counsel and focused engagement

A broad array of consulting services, including business planning and strategy development, physician enterprise assessments, practice acquisition assistance, and medical staff development planning.

Dedicated support

Interim senior management and other supporting resources to address a defined change process need—such as physician enterprise turnaround, startup, or practice acquisition efforts—for a defined period of time.

Long-term management solution

Long-term positioning of the physician enterprise’s senior management team, which resides in the local community.

Drive Improvement Across Key Terrains

In addition, we have completed 1,700+ consulting engagements with millions of dollars in impact on issues such as surgical performance, capacity, quality, and revenue cycle optimization. Our clients benefit from:

  • Outcomes-focused consultants experienced in change management
  • Access to best-practice performance standards
  • Industry standard and proprietary benchmarks
  • Implementation-oriented recommendations
  • Objective third-party perspective

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